The trickiest colour of all... white!

How to make your pick, and be happy with it!

White is the one colour where lots of people lose confidence - it seems like such a straight forward colour, but with every paint manufacture having so many different ‘whites’ in their collection, it can be pretty scary! Here are my tip for choosing the white that’s just right for you…


In a very brief nutshell, colours which have a red or yellow tone are warm, and those with a blue or green undertone are considered cool. Greys are huge at the moment, with lots of people opting for a cool white but be careful, it can look clinical, especially if you don’t have warm lighting in the space. For a warm white, take a look at Dulux Natural White, and for a classic cool white check out Dulux Lexicon Quarter. I use both of these a lot for trims and windows. They are a great highlight to a more tonal white.

Picture below: warm white

Picture below: cool white


With so many tints on the market - greens, blues, yellows, reds, even pinks, it’s best to take the samples home and see them in your own environment. As examples, Fair Bianca and Antique White USA bringing out the yellows, and White on White brings out the blues. I recommend sticking the samples on the walls in a number of different rooms as they will look different at different times of day, and the existing paint on your walls will also change them significantly. If you’re being put off by the fact that your existing walls are a delightful tone of Queenslander green and you’re choosing whites, consider putting up some plain white A4 paper as a backdrop to your samples. It will act as a barrier and not skew your samples quite as much.


Are you picking paint for a contemporary home or a Queenslander? This will also have an influence on which white you might pick. Try cooler tones such as Lexicon, picked up with a Lexicon Quarter trim for cool and modern, and Grand Piano Quarter picked up with a Natural White trim for a more oldy-worldy feel. Layering your whites in a room will feel much more homely and interesting than picking one white and doing walls and trims in the same colour.

Invest time in choosing

This is probably the biggest tip of all - spend some time up front getting the colour right, and you will love it… Run down to Bunnings, choose one and slap it on the walls and you might not be so lucky!! If you’re stuck, I LOVE helping people choose the best colours for their home. Just give me a call and I’ll come and help you!

Happy painting!

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