Secrets to a gorgeous guest room

Sometimes I get asked for my input on other blogs, and this time it's the guest room. The majority of our guests come from overseas as all our family is in the UK. When they come to stay, it's usually for a looooooong time (up to 6 weeks). 6 weeks is a long time to be away from home and I know that when I'm away from my own home, I miss it and wish I was back there. I try to make our guest room as homely and functional as possible, so they actually make themselves at home. Here's how it goes at our place...

The wardrobe seems to accumulate months of "maybe I'll wear that again" clothes between guests (which never actually see the light of day again once they are relegated to the guest room), so I empty the wardrobe of those and make sure there are plenty of hangers.

The bed is always clean, sheets ironed and crisp, and nicely made with a variety of pillows... My Mum loves the big bamboo pillows, my Dad hates them and prefers a softer memory foam, so there's always a range available. I also layer the bed with a sheet under the duvet because it's a few degrees hotter here than England (understatement of the century) so I'm sure most of the time the duvet ends up on the chair in the corner overnight!!

I always enjoy choosing some beautiful Australian organic shampoo, conditioners and shower gels to put into the bathroom, and ensure there are plenty of fluffy towels.

Have a read on this link for some other tips from yours truly and other designers... some great advice on how to create a gorgeous guest room!​

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