Bringing Japanese influence into your home

This is a guest post written by the lovely Julia from Welcome Julia, hopefully you'll have more to share with us in the future too :-)

Having recently travelled to Japan I was in awe of its natural beauty, rich culture and exciting cities. Here are five small ways you can decorate inspired by this wonderful country.

Take a leaf out of nature’s books

A very popular tourist destination in the city of Kyoto is Arashiyama, commonly referred to as the bamboo forest. It’s a peaceful wander through dense bamboo trees and the perfect hideaway from a beating Summer sun. It may take a bit of extra TLC but a small Japanese bamboo plant would add striking natural beauty to your home. Make sure it’s in an area with plenty of light so it grows healthy and strong.

Be inspired by the kimono

When you think of Japan one of the first things that comes to mind are intricate and beautiful kimonos. Formerly the traditional dress of the nation, they are now more popular on special occasions. It is common for kimono fabrics to tell a story or feature symbols from seasons of the year. Mimic a Japanese kimono in your home by opting for silk quilts or cushion covers embroidered in oriental styles and patterns.

Embrace features from shrines and temples

There are thousands of temples throughout Japan and yet they have a few things in common. Many of them feature zen gardens with raked gravel or sand intended to mimic ripples in the water. Miniature zen gardens for your desk or coffee table are easy to find and can be quite relaxing. Another thing you’ll notice in many of Japan’s temples is the use of orange and red. One of the most famous Japanese temples, Fushimi Inari, is a hike through thousands of brightly coloured gates. Red in Japanese culture stands for energy, vitality, heat and power. Incorporate the colour into your interior design to reap its many benefits.

Do something fishy

The koi fish has close ties to the national identity of Japan. It is believed to be a symbol of luck, prosperity and good fortune. Installing your own koi pond seems like a pretty tall order. For a simpler idea, find a piece of artwork depicting the koi fish and display it proudly on your walls.

Mimic the big cities

While Japan has a rich and vibrant culture for you to explore it has more to offer than just its historic details for your interiors. The city of Tokyo is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world; from its bustling Shibuya shopping district to the more tech focused Akihabara. Take inspiration from these modern suburbs in your kitchen area with clean lines, futuristic appliances and geometric patterns.

Whether you’re fixing up a single room or looking for inspiration for the whole home, it’s easy to bring a taste of Japan into your interiors. Hopefully now you can impress houseguests with facts about what makes your decor oh so Japanese.

Thanks Julia, it's great to read about other cultures and how they can influence us in our own homes. Claire x

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