September 12, 2017

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February 14, 2018

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Green Design - what to look out for when putting together an interior which isn't damaging the environment or our health (Part 1 - Sustainable Timber)

August 11, 2017

I'm very passionate about green design - considering the environment, the sustainability of the materials in the products I source, and also the health impact of products we bring into our homes.  It's a fine line to walk, making sure products are truly environmentally friendly, and also still of a high quality (and it takes a lot of research to read between the lines and spot the retail bullshit which often masks what is really going on).  


Seeing as this is a blog, and posts are meant to be short and sweet, I thought I'd write a little series and discuss some of the basic things I look at when I'm putting together a green interior.   It's a bit of an eye opener and hopefully might encourage you to go that little bit further when you're researching that new sofa or are re-painting your home.


Sustainable materials - Timber


My favourite - ultra-versatile, natural, homely - timber.  You can use it for flooring, staircases, vanities, kitchens,

tables, chairs, book cases, desks, bowls, utensils.... pretty much anything...  and it is such a beautiful material to use in a home environment.  You know you're onto a winner when the first thing you want to do is run your hand over it and admire its uniqueness!  Picking the right timber for the application, and with the right treatment, it is also non-toxic and highly durable.  There is a common misconception that timber isn't an environmentally friendly product - there are millions of trees being cut down every day, across the world, after all, and no one knowingly wants to support deforestation and the destruction of millions of habitats.  


When we talk about sustainable timber though, we are ta