To splurge or not to splurge... that is the question

We all love a shiny new bathroom and sometimes it's hard to know where to spend the majority of the budget. Tiles create an instant wow factor so they are important, absolutely. The vanity is important, yes. The basin and bath/shower are important, agreed. All these elements create the aesthetic look that you are going for... but there's one piece of advice I have which I want to share with you... "If you touch it and it moves, spend decent money on it. If it doesn't, you can scrimp a bit".

What does that actually mean? Well, in a nutshell it means that things like taps are worth spending money on to get a decent quality fitting. With some taps, when they go wrong, you're looking at an expensive job ripping off tiles, getting a plumber out to replace the broken fitting, and a tiler to replace the tiles again. There are plenty of cheap taps flooding the Australian market at the moment but don't get caught out. Some of them aren't WELS rated (water efficiency standards) so plumbers won't install them. Some of them don't have hot/cold indicators on them so certifiers won't certify them. Taps are the last place you want to scrimp!

To a degree, the same goes for the hinges and drawer runners in your vanity. Have you ever lived in a bathroom where the bottom has fallen out of the drawers? Or the runners have given in? I know I have and it was utterly frustrating. Bathroom drawers aren't like kitchen drawers but they do get used regularly, and investing in good quality, particularly in a master bathroom, is definitely worthwhile. Look for hinges by Blum or Hafele or Hettich. These are all quality manufacturers whose fittings last for years and years.

With the bath, basins and toilet there are of course different quality standards and materials. With porcelain, most of it comes down to how the porcelain has been treated in the drying stages, and whether there are small imperfections in the finish. If you don't mind some tiny dots in your basin or on your bath, you can find decent quality products which will last well and once they are installed, cause you no problems and last for years.

I hope this helps! Happy renovating!!

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